View Full Version : I want to upgrade my PC - What should i do?

2013-02-04, 10:00 AM
I want to upgrade my PC for a better Gaming Experience, but it shouldn´t be too expensive.
Actually i have:

Intel Core Quad Q8300 @ 2.50 GHz
Nvidia GeForce GT 240
4 GB of RAM, but there is only place for two RAM Cards, and both places only accepts 2GB. I think there is no way to upgrade RAM without changing the complete Mainboard, right?

Ingame the FPS function sais that it is CPU-bound. I set all options very low but in many fights i have only 10-15 FPS.

2013-02-04, 03:08 PM
To do a meaningful upgrade you're looking at replacing all the part: Mobo, CPU, RAM, Graphics card...maybe power too.

You need to fill out the upgrade help sheet thing that's stickied. We really need a budget and any specific usage you want to put recommendations together.

(RAM cards are known as DIMMs)