View Full Version : account has been banned, technical issue??

2013-02-13, 03:36 AM
9 days ago i became a premium member for a year on ps2.
2 days later my account has been banned.

I placed a ticket on the support site of prosiebensat.1 (eu) but there is no solution for this issue yet.

*1. i can logon to the member website with my premium account succesfuly, change my password, place a ticket etcetera. no banning information in the database en SOE gave my account the green light.
2. when i launch the game with this account there is a screen: your account has been banned, please contact customer support
3. when i launch the game on my second pc it gives the same error.
4. when i try my login credentials at a good friend we receive the same
message on his pc.
5. i created a new temporary account and that launches perfectly

*Conclusion*: on the central authentication server of the game planetside 2, there is something wrong with my account.

*Greeve*: No benefit of my premium account and acces to my character
DjingDjang in which i ivested already 75 euro's and 6200 cert points.
Also the XP boost of a week is partially down the drain.:mad:

The guys at prosiebensat.1 say i have to be patient but give no info or solutions...just be patient.:doh:

Anyone had this problem? suggestions...tips

2013-02-13, 03:56 AM
I feel you buddy but i still feel you have it better than me.

I too am in the similar situation though im not banned but i can't access the game and main webpage. Can't even access the SOE support site for reasons i don't know why. :mad:

Currently waiting for their phone centers to come back on then give them a call. Having to make an overseas call too since i'm not from the states which is ****** up. *sigh*....

I also recently got my subscription and purchased some station cash. XP boost is also wasting away atm :mad::mad::mad:..

2013-02-13, 01:32 PM
I also feel for you m8, i have it slightly better....... playing with a new account with no certs and basic weapons.

But i spend 170 euro's up till now and i am feeling a bit silly and done over by prosiebensat....grrrr

2013-02-22, 05:30 AM
Since yesterday i am back in buisness again, they enabled my account after 2.5 weeks. yeahhh
My account was fingerprinted suspicious and banned, due to a installation of ps2 on a unsupported platform. When you do this you will be automaticly banned.