View Full Version : FEATURE CREATED! but need help

2013-02-20, 11:31 PM
ok, sorry for the caps, but i have been working on this for quite a while, and i finally got it to work. However, now that you have added a sorting feature (thanks for that) it broke what i'm working on, in a way.


That is a cURL of your own spreadsheet for our outfit, however, i had to create a local file to redirect to your website (which still works).

Here's my problem, the new sorting links require you to have access to the database in order to have it sort properly. I have no issue either using a remote link (open access to reading MySQL) or to creating a .sql file for easy install for other users. Is there any way i can be contacted about this feature? I would really like to get something going so we can use YOUR website to continue to make our outfits grow and prosper.

Files are listed in the link below: