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2003-03-31, 05:43 PM
aight, ps is really the first game ive ever considered wanting (let alone drooled over) for my pc. ive always been a console kinda guy. so other than writing papers, and a lil'bit of photoshop, i dont know how the damn thing works. so im sure this question is a joke to u all but id appreciate some help.

Ok, my computer's got 256mb's of ram. i dont like the idea of having minimum requirements for ps. so about how much is it to upgrade and how easy is it to do?

please use dumb computer guy english for ur answers, ill try my hardest to keep up. thanks.

2003-03-31, 05:56 PM
easy... adding ram is the simplest thing you can do.

1st. find out what kind of ram you have. (generaly there is a sticker on the actual RAM stick itself, or maybe you remember off hand?) it should be PC-XXX usualy 100 or 133 etc...

2nd. go to a store and buy the kind you need. (most recommend www.newegg.com as do I) chances are it will be PC-XXX unregisterd unbuffered.

3. when you get the ram put it in a slot right next to the other sticks that are in there. there will be a notch to make sure tis facing the right way, just push it all the way down and lock the 2 side clips.

4. turn on the computer and your done!

2003-03-31, 06:11 PM
so ur not pullin something out and replacing it, ur just adding more?

2003-03-31, 09:02 PM
right. mother boards will hold 2-3 sticks of ram. it sounds like you have only one slot filled up. So all you have to do is buy another one and stick it next to it. simple.

2003-03-31, 10:37 PM
sweet, thanks