View Full Version : Gonna get new CPU, Mobo and Ram, suggestions?

2013-03-13, 11:15 PM
Hey Goku and everyone else, share your options please.

Im going to buy some new stuff soonish, but arent yet sure what to get.

What i want is Some I5 or I7 and a good chunk of ram (16 GB?), and of course a new proper mainboard with it. Plan to spend around 400€ max.

Suggestions? It should last for a few years. ;)

edit: as for GFX, i already have a GTX 570, who is doing pretty well. Should be enough for the time being, will upgrade at some point to a Kepler, or just skil the 6xx generation alltogether, who knows. :)
That means that the Mainboard needs to have no support for the integrated GFX of the CPU. If such a mainboard even exists. ;)

2013-03-13, 11:24 PM
What do you have for a processor currently? Haswell is being released in June is all.

2013-03-13, 11:26 PM
Q9550, also still DDR2 Ram. So really need to fully upgrade.

Waiting isnt an option. The Q9550 is already sold to a friend. :D

2013-03-13, 11:42 PM
:O I see.

Any particular site you are buying from?

2013-03-13, 11:51 PM
:O I see.

Any particular site you are buying from?

Obviously German stuff.

I Find the cheapest place myself, no worrys. I just need some suggestions on Ram and Mainboard really. CPU is propably going to be a i5-3570K, just because its the most powerful one.

That one would cost me around 200 €, so i have around 200€ left for Mainboard and Ram.

Depending on how much Ram i get (8 GB or should i just get the 16 GB for the hell of it?), i have around 100 to 150 € left for the mainboard.

So im really looking for a Mainboard and Ram for around 200€ that goes well with a 3570k. Or, if you have any other suggestions, let me hear them.

Just be adviced that i will hunt you if you suggest AMD. :P

2013-03-14, 10:25 AM
I've read good things about the Z77 line. Apparently the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 is a good choice for a gaming rig.

Might want to check this out so you can pinpoint what features you want.

Personally I would go for 16GB, might as well as RAM is dirt cheap. Well should be anyway:p
I would advice going for either Kingston or Corsair. Something like the Kingston Hyper X or Corsair Dominator.

2013-03-14, 11:02 AM
Personally I was looking at mobo choices to replace my mATX Z68. I have been looking at the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H. The other mobos that cost more in my opinion anyway do not have features I need and I don't think having 100 phases vs say 8 will make a difference with my overclocking.

In terms of ram I think 8GB is fine. Do you have a SSD? If not I would put the funds towards getting one of those instead of another 8GB of ram.

2013-03-14, 01:43 PM
Obviously, get a Z77. Then, unless you have explicit need for features, don't get any go the expensive ones with fancy branding and gamer endorsements. Just a waste of money.
I've got an Asus P8Z77-v LK, even that has some extras, it's about the max I'd spend without needing to hook up 8 SSDs or something weird.

Having 16gb of RAM because of a freebie deal...I don't ever even use 8gb...you've got extra slots, buy 8gb now and upgrade in the future, when it's cheaper, if you need to.
$50/8gb isn't exactly dirt cheap. Especially if it's superfluous.

2013-03-14, 01:51 PM
$50/8gb isn't exactly dirt cheap. Especially if it's superfluous.

Heh, true enough.

2013-03-17, 06:21 PM
Z77, 8 or 16 GB of RAM and the biggest I5 i can get it is then.

Thanks. :)

2013-03-17, 07:17 PM
Just upgraded myself.
Went with the i5 3570k and asrock z77 extreme 4 motherboard. 16 gb of corsair ram.
Just didn't see a motherboard with same features and better value.

Very happy with the new setup.

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