View Full Version : Overclocking guide for dummies?

2013-03-19, 05:15 PM
Was wondering if someone could direct me in the right direction for a first timer trying to OC CPU and possibly GPU.

Specs- i52500k
Radeon hd 9700
8 gig of RAM
Do not remember power supply will update when I get home.

I also have the MSI utilities that allow me to tweak all my settings I think their called control center & click bios.

Anyways if someone can show me a really user friendly guide that would be great.

P.S. I don't have and type of 3rd party cooling, everything is stock as of right now.

2013-03-19, 05:33 PM
You are going to have to get a after market cooler like this Hyper 212+ (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103065). I highly recommend not attempting anything before you get that.

2013-03-19, 05:44 PM
I wouldn't recommend OCing if you don't have an aftermarket cooler installed. Stock intel fans aren't worth a whole lot.
I would also recommend that you just boot up your BIOS instead of using that software, never had much trust for them... Or maybe I'm just old fashioned.

Some different guides I've found for you, overclocking really isn't that hard once you get used to it... But I can't blame you for being cautious the first time around. Do heed Goku's advice though.

The 212+ is a great cooler, when compared to its size and weight. I have one myself.

2013-03-19, 06:32 PM
Awsome, yea I went ahead and ordered that cooler. Will update if I get stuck somewhere. Thx again!

Btw. I have been reading of people OCing the i5 2500k to 4.0 ghz with the intel stock coolers. I am not comfortable doing it myself, just curious if it's possible, also my bedroom were my PC is at is at a constant 45 to 50 degrees(crazy I know). Will the temp of the room benifit the core temps?

2013-03-19, 09:12 PM
45...Fahrenheit...I assume? Yeah that'll help a ton.

My Ivy Bridge 3570k was just fine at 4.1ghz with no extra voltage and a stock cooler. It hit 51C under full load.

2013-03-19, 09:31 PM
You can overclock somewhat under the stock cooler, even so I don't recommend it. Sure you may hit 4GHz, but with that cooler you ordered you will get to 4.5GHz anyway I bet.