View Full Version : Web Site help

2003-04-01, 04:30 PM
Ok guys a question for all of you, What tool is best to make a web page background?
Any help is much appreshiated (can't spell :P)

2003-04-01, 04:47 PM
JASC Paintshop Pro, or
Adobe Photoshop

or perhaps dreamweaver etc. or fireworks

any decent gfx program should be easy to use

2003-04-01, 04:49 PM
ok cheers matey,
Will get right on it :D

2003-04-03, 02:35 PM
Photoshop is good and very easy to use.

2003-04-03, 04:10 PM
I use both Macromedia Dreamweaver and Fireworks. :) I like Fireworks MUCH more than photoshop for web graphics (probably because that's what it's designed for ;))

2003-04-04, 09:14 AM
I used Photoshop to do mine, I drew the website layput then chopped it up into pieces and used them as cell backgrounds to recreate it in Frontpage 2k. check it out here (http://www.blackopswales.co.uk)