View Full Version : Could someone take a look at this setup?

2003-04-03, 10:50 AM
Per the advice from many on this board I though I'd check out monarchcomputer.com . Here's the rig I came up with. Could some of you hardware guys take a look, and let me know if everything looks alright?

Custom PC 1
Cases: 1000284 - Thermaltake Xaser II A5000 Plus Case w/4
Case Fan: 130009 - Crystal LED Fan
Motherboards: 110347 - Asus P4 PE / R / GBL / F / SATA
Processor: 120716 - Intel P4 478 2.8 GHz 533 FSB (Retail)
Memory: 140834 - DDR 2700 - 512 MB VS Corsair
2nd Memory: 142834 - DDR 2700 - 512 MB VS Corsair
Hard Drive: 150127 - Western Digital 800JB 8MB 7200
CD-ROM: 160101 - Sony 52X (Black) CD_ROM IDE
CD-RW/DVD-RW: 160506 - Plextor 48x24x48 CDRW
Floppy Drive: 170110 - Mitsumi 3.5 Black Floppy Drive
Sound Card: 180325 - Creative Labs Audigy 2 6.1
Video Card: 190629 - ATI Radeon 9700 Pro 128MB 8X AGP
Operating System: 800008 - None - Barebone System
Warranty: 800007 - 1 Year - Parts & Labor - Barebone
Total: $1,699.00

PS - I got this config from an Alienware machine that I priced out. The AW machine was going to cost a little over $2100 btw. :D

2003-04-03, 10:57 AM
Looks good, cept i'd go for a AMD 2800 and a A7N8X (or anny other nforce2 chipset board) motherboard for dual band DDR....

No point in getting intel cept if you really want it or if you're going for the 3.06 ghz cpu and a granitebay mobo.

2003-04-03, 11:16 AM
Yeah I was just about to post and ask about the granite bay board. Whats the big benefit with that?
I'll still go with intel, for the completely illogical reason of....I just want to.
If you had to put an intel machine together, what MB would you use?

2003-04-03, 11:59 AM
I'd use the P4G8X...

And the benefit of granitebay is dual channel DDR (dosn't use the expensive rdr ram) and Hyper threading support.

2003-04-03, 01:19 PM
Originally posted by Psyklone
CD-ROM: 160101 - Sony 52X (Black) CD_ROM IDE
CD-RW/DVD-RW: 160506 - Plextor 48x24x48 CDRW

What, no DVD drive? ;) Other than that, cool.

Completely off topic: are you a Jumpgate vet? The name looks familiar...

2003-04-03, 02:08 PM
Nah, never played jumpgate.

I never understood DVD's on a computer....thats what I got a DVD Player for....and big fat TV!

Hey Zat, Thanks for the input on the computer! I was all ready to buy, but noticed that the 9700 Pro's are out of stock, and won't be shipping until april 20th! Bah! :mad:

I'll think of something though....thanks again!