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2013-06-19, 10:59 PM
I just started playing Planetside 2, and I've been very excited to join the battle but entering the game, i've had some major problems. When I start up the game, everything fine. I pick my character, getting 30-40 fps, drop in to the game, and everything looks nice. But right away, I notice that nobody is there in the game. I first i thought that the headquarters I was at just might have been empty...but then after waiting a minute or so, names started popping up all over the place. Then a minute later, all of the people appear as well. Thats just annoying. Also, when I open up my map, it takes a good two minutes for the map to load up. Keep in mind, I am still running the game smoothly jumping between 25-40 fps. Then I decide to do instant action, so it drops me somewhere that I can fight. I spawn in the air and fall to the ground like normal, but when I hit the ground, I get stuck and cant move for a minute. Sometimes it will even freeze up and I can be dead when it unfreezes. Or i could be running around looking for people, and then I start getting shot at, and something about about being shot at likes to freeze up my game. Obviously I am dead when it unfreezes, and then I'm forced to stare at the screen for up to 10 minutes. I've tried ctrl+alt+dlt to open task manager and close it but it freezes my entire computer. Let me remind you, for the bulk of the gameplay, when theres nobody shooting at me, i'm running the game smoothly. I thought it was my internet connection at first, but I have pretty excellent internet connection. The reason it runs so smoothly is because I have a pretty nice graphics card and a processor the can run the game. Maybe its my processor? It's only like 2.8 ghz. Anyways....this is really frustrating. I want to get in on the action very badly, but I cant keep playing like this. This is what it's like everytime! Please....suggestions anybody?

2013-06-21, 03:31 PM
I'm not an expert, but I can give you at least some basic feedback. First of all, there is a difference between the fps in the warpgate and the fps you have in a Biodome fight. For example, I would get 60-80 fps in the warpgate, but it would drop to single digits in a Biodome. So it would be helpful if you posted exactly what CPU you have instead of just the speed. On the surface, 2.8Ghz is not very fast for a game like Planetside 2.

Also, as for the issue with it taking a minute for the players to load when yuo first get into the game...I think that might have more to do with your hard drive. What kind of hard drive do you have? I just upgraded to a new CPU which vastly increased my performance, but I still have the same loading issue you do because my hard drive is ancient.

So post your specs and maybe somebody with more knowledge than me can help you out.