View Full Version : Faster CPU or more RAM?

2003-04-04, 10:44 AM
Currently I'm running an Athlon 1.2GHz 266MHz FSBwith 512mb PC2700 DDR RAM (333MHz). My question is which should I upgrade first? I plan to upgrade both in the long run (I upgrade part by part) but would like to know which would benefit me more first. Should I get a 2GHz+ CPU (with 333MHz FSB) or another stick of 512 DDR RAM? Which would increase my perfomance more initially?

2003-04-04, 11:02 AM
I think you can get a 512 stick relatively cheap compared to getting a new processor.

As far as performance goes, I think I'd go with the CPU upgrade first.

2003-04-04, 12:54 PM
me 2

2003-04-04, 12:57 PM
well besides the fact that you're talking about a huge price difference.

Upgrading CPU gives you minimal performance boost. (well It might be more considering you would be going from a 1.2 to 2+)

RAM is the money shot. :)

2003-04-04, 01:14 PM
Definitely upgrade your CPU first.

2003-04-04, 01:34 PM
yes, look it at this point, the requirements is 1000CpU, Ram is 256, since u got 512, thats 100% more than the Reqs. You got 1200 cpu, thats only 20% more than the reqs, what would u upgrade? I would do the CPU upgrade.

I only have a 666mhz with 320ram, gonna get a 1.6 and 512 ram I guess.

2003-04-04, 01:34 PM
I'd go whit a CPU first.

2003-04-04, 05:36 PM
Of course, at this point a new Mobo might be needed to, if your mobo only supports vanilla Athlons and not Athlon XPs.

2003-04-04, 06:28 PM
I would also say CPU first. :) Check your mobo to see what CPUs it can handle though!

2003-04-04, 08:43 PM
I just upgraded to an nForce2 chipset, DDR RAM, new case with 400w PS, and GeForce4 Ti4200 w/128mb RAM over the last 3 months. Basicly I'm building a new PC piece by piece so that my roommate can use my old PC to play Planetside also :D

2003-04-04, 08:49 PM
ah well then.. jsut go for the CPU since you have the MOBO for it...