View Full Version : Cool ass mouse idea!

2013-09-11, 03:34 AM

Take this mouse, add a wheel mouse/lazer to teh bottom, then add more buttons on the ring and pinky finger side of the mouse so it gets up to the near the 12 buttons control like the Razor uber mouse. That would make an amazing mouse. Just don't sell it for 150. Sell it like 25-50 bucks max. Then you could use the thumb for fine control and sniping. A lot of games would use that well. I play STO atm which would be great to use the mouse wheel for turning how you would with the mouse look view. Which is used alot in that game. PS2 and FPS could do the same thing for looking for fine control over fast action. Then you can do both simultaneously for much better aiming etc. Though I might move the mouse ball on top to the best place to use the thumb while actually moving the mouse around. It could be a cool mouse design. Anyone know anyone at this company or another mouse making company. Maybe they could design one! 8)

I have a small mouse my fingers have to wrap around so maybe it's easy for me to imagine. But the pointer/middle finger would just push one button each. Maybe 2 at most. I have a set of buttons where my thumb is now that are used for basically back/forward in web browsing. Those could be at the tip of the pointer/middle finger with the mouse ball at the thumb for ideal movement. The pinky/ring finger, especially in a partial claw shape around a mouse have a lot of room to move up and down to hit some buttons. Probably 3 each. Maybe, even, if they were under the mouse under a piece of plastic that your fingers wrapped under. They could be press screen buttons! 8) But with some shape to make them easy to fine. And at a slight angle easy for the fingers to fine. And adjustable for hand shapes. Use a concave shape and you can have some under the pinky/towards the palm, one at the tip/ one elsewhere, maybe one left one right! 10-12 button mouse. You could slide your fingers into wholes for that but they woudl need to make them adjustable and at good angles etc.

Better idea. Make small finger indents with 5 buttons each for the last two fingers. center/left/right/top/bottom. Make them touch screen buttons of good size or lazer which activate at short range. and whalla! That would be 14 button with a mouse wheel and working bottom mouse. The extra two buttons would be convenient to program to shift, ctrl, alt, or any combo of them for extra buttons easily. Plus getting them off the keyboard hand and giving options allows people to play how they play conveniently and can give faster more human reactions.

Turn the point/middle finger buttons into touch screens and you can scroll up down with two fingers for more controls. Zoom in could be one up and one down etc. That gives alot of combos for mouse controls though.

Now try to move your current mouse around and try to imagine moving your thumb as a second fine tracker at the same time and then try to learn to use the pinky/ring fingers for more buttons. It would be a pretty kinky mouse. And would actually get to use the whole hand as a mouse should. No use in a tool if it can't do all it can potentially do!

There are lots of ways to do it. But it would be really nice to have some more complete/radical input devices out there. Especially mice. There definitely hasn't been much innovation or work in the last decade or so.