View Full Version : game keeps getting deleted

2013-10-03, 09:53 AM
so my problem is that the game keeps "disappearing" from my pc. i can play the game normally, no problems ingame. but as soon as i try to end the game (by hitting the logout button in the character menu), it says planetside.exe has stopped working. a steam check reveals that 3557 files are missing, thats 9.0 gb. and this happens everytime i end the game.
reinstalling the game doesnt help, ive already done that multiple times; even fragmenting my harddrive and deleting everything that could cause such a problem didnt change anything, it even made it worse (before i "only" had to download ~5.2 gb)
if you have any idea why that happens, please help me, ps2 is an awesome game but this really takes away any motivation to play the game.
greetings, TharGuy

2013-10-06, 06:37 PM
Launch the game from the installation folder instead of the steam launch. If that doesn't work try to install the game without steam.