View Full Version : "No Memory" a Planetside 1 encounter

2013-10-20, 12:19 PM
I hail from the hinterlands, and am going to play Planetside -2.

My laptop has "shared memory," so Planetside think it has none. Does anyone know..

2013-10-21, 12:08 AM
Your laptop probably has graphics that are borrowing from your main system RAM. If that's the case, your experience is likely to not be brilliant even if you get it to run - system RAM on a laptop is usually way too slow to serve up good graphics performance.

What are your specs?

2013-10-21, 02:51 AM
A6-4400M CPU
Radeon HD 7520G

2013-10-24, 12:44 AM
Go into your bios setting and dedicate at least 256 MB of your RAM to the APU's graphics section. The APU dynamically uses system memory as it needs it but the only hard number one might see is the smallest amount it'd request (which is probably something like 16 or 64 MB) which is below PS2's minimum requirements and thus when your client checks your hardware it thinks you don't have enough.

Side note: PS2 likes L3 cache and that Trinity APU has none. It also like quadcores, and that's a dualcore part. Heads up: it'll run but you probably won't be happy with it. If your motherboard supports it, swap out in favor of an 8GB RAM kit - at least the graphics portion of your APU will be able to breathe easier.

2013-10-24, 03:56 AM
Oddly enough, I went into my bios, and found no setting for that. And Planetside 2 is that optimized? Before I couldn't run it on a Celeron, though I think the laptop CPU is more powerful.

2013-10-27, 11:39 PM
No, a celeron is about on par with that APU - AMD has a better graphics component, but the CPU part of it isn't that stellar. And if you can't find the setting to adjust memory allocation, I'd guess you're pretty close to SOL.

2013-10-28, 02:31 AM
Yeah I think so