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2013-11-10, 10:08 AM
Hi guys. Trying to save space on my 60gig SSD. Basically WinDirStat shows the OS (64bit) is taking over nearly half of my drive. Check it out:


I didnt think it needed this much! I cleared my temp files after this but its only like 0.1 gig.

Can anyone suggest why it may be this big?

p.s. Oh yeah that red stuff on the right is PS2! Which I'll be migrating to my non-SSD after my premium elapses Nov 21st.

2013-11-10, 12:34 PM
Windows needs around 20GB always. How much were you expecting?

Though 28GB is a bit high. How much RAM do you have?

2013-11-10, 12:51 PM
Hi goku. I thought it was about 20.
There's 8 gigs of ram.
Did a reinstall about a year ago. Do update packages add to your storage? 8 gigs of xtra windows guff represents 20% of my drive I can't use. So I wouldn't mind clearing where I can.

2013-11-10, 01:10 PM
That makes sense now. You need to disable hibernation and that will free up 8GB of space on your SSD. Here is a guide to disabling that http://support.microsoft.com/kb/920730

2013-11-10, 05:11 PM
Thanks but its still showing 28 after disabling hibernation. Anything look wrong here?


2013-11-13, 08:17 PM

If you do a lot of installs/uninstalls, system restore could take up a lot of space (a restore point is created anytime you install/uninstall something, on top of a regular schedule).
There are some tips lower down on that page, like making pagefile smaller, disabling/enablgin cashing, etc.

2013-11-14, 01:02 AM
Did a reinstall about a year ago. Do update packages add to your storage?
Yes, Windows stores current and old versions of system files in WinSxS. My WinSxS folder on Win8.1 is only 5.81GB, so there might be something to clean up there. But you can remove unneeded files there with cleanmgr if you have Windows 7 SP1 installed. If not, you'll have to use dism.

First, double-check whether there's anything that can be cleaned up with the following command:
dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /AnalyzeComponentStore

And if it reports that there's anything to clean up, use the following command:
dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup

If you have only recently installed SP1, you might want to use the command:
dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /SPSuperseded

Note: If you run any of these cleanup commands, you will be unable to uninstall installed Windows updates. Not that you'd usually want to..

2013-11-21, 06:44 AM
not sure if you've sorted it out but I know when you do a reinstall of windows over one that was there without a complete format it creates a compressed windows(old) folder on the hard drive.
Could be what's stealing your memory