View Full Version : Planetside 2 Voice wont recieve/give

2013-12-14, 08:28 PM
About a week ago my voice went down and I have no idea why, I have tried to disable/reenable voice for every option, verified integrity of cache, deleted the files that have to do with voice and had them remade, did a system restore, and tried turning down firewall. Also around the same time I had other random problems like the internet saying it cant connect to the real google.com. I also had the problem of no history from about a week ago to now. I have no idea if they're connected though. If any one could provide a solution that would be awesome.:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:cool::(:(:(:(:(:(:(

2013-12-14, 09:05 PM

2013-12-16, 10:10 PM
Nevermind, I managed to fix it. It turns out that if your date is all messed up on your compuer, the certificate for a bunch of things decides to go down, so if any of you guys have that problem, just check the date and then check the date on your computer