View Full Version : Mic flashing on and off

War Barney
2014-01-19, 08:57 AM
Does anybody else has this issue? It didn't use to do this but recently my mic has been flashing on and off while playing PS2 making it so I can't speak most of the time, does anybody know a fix?

And before people say its the connection while its doing this I literally open the webcam (as its a mic/webcam combo) from my desktop and it works perfectly, then I close the cam again and use it only via ps2 and it starts flashing on and off

2014-01-19, 12:19 PM
So your mic cuts in and out but the mic on your webcam doesn't? Or are you saying that the mic on your webcam cuts in and out in PS2 but not when you've just got the webcam open on it's own?
I'd suggest checking your push to talk settings vs your keybindings in PS2 (on the off chance that a keybinding got mixed up that would make you toggle your PTT on and off)

Barring that, Maybe try a $10 headset from Walmart (if that doesn't fix the problem you can always just return them) to see if the problem is with the mic/webcam exclusively.