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2003-04-07, 02:55 PM
Ok... I'm worried a little about how I'm going to run Planetside. Before I give my system specs I'd like to talk about my fps in both battlefield 1942 and UT2003. In UT2003 the most fps I'm pulling is about 60 and it doesnt drop below 20 (20 is uncommon except with many many things happening) . In Battlefield it's sort of another story, for some odd reason I cannot get steady over 40 fps, Ill drop to 20 quite often and the game seems SOOO choppy. Which is odd because my bro runs it much smoother with about the same specs. I can pull about 9000 in 3dmark2001 and about 1100 in 3dmark 2003 which is also higher than my bros computer, my computer or vid card rather doesn't seem to like certain games. Anyways any input would be awesome! Heres my sys specs

K7s5a mobo with athlonXP 2100+
hercules 3d prophet 8500 128 mb card
640 mb sd133 ram
15gig hard drive (could upgrade this but wont suspect much diff)
Onboard sound (shouldnt lower fps)

One more thing to input, it seems I need a new power supply because my board is only reading as an athlon XP 1500+, if I set the board to 133/133 it'll read at 2100+ but will lockup or restart after I run a 3d game, or any game for that matter. I have reason to believe its a power issue as I'm only using a 250W PSU and my comp is quite cool at 43 degrees C after running a while. Hope you can help! thanks

2003-04-07, 03:55 PM
well I believe that the problem with the CPU is a MOBO BIOS issue. you might have to flash a newer BIOS onto that board to get it to detect the proper speed.

cant really tell you much about your FPS, I mean they are two completely different game, different optimizations, code etc..

what are your brothers specs?

but I'd seriously look into that CPU issue, check your MOBO manufactuers website to se If they have a bios upgrade..

2003-04-07, 07:49 PM
That PS could be suspect, or you have a setting wrong inside your bios. I had my CPU multiplier set at 18.0 and FSB rated at 100, when I should have had the multiplier set at 13.5 and FSB at 133. That caused some serious problems with gaming. I could game, but for only 5 minutes or so, then the game would shut down and either drop to the desktop or drop out completely.

Check to see if you're bios is the latest flavor. If it is, double check your settings inside your bios.

2003-04-07, 09:53 PM
Thanks for the help, I know my bios isnt up to date fully, but It's not worth the risk IMO. My bros setup is 1.4 ghz athlon XP so like 1700+ with gforce 4 ti 4200 64mb and 640 ram so pretty similar. I know that my comp will run for a while at 1.8 ghz (2100+) but as soon as I do something that requires power or memory it freezes completely. So I realy do think its PS, I think my gamingi experience will up a few fps maybe even 10 per game once I get a new PS because I'll gain 500mhz from what my comp is stabily running at now (1.3 ghz) reading at 1500+ XP. So ya thanks again. I might try to flash bios but something always goes wrong it seems!