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2003-04-07, 04:51 PM
OK, MY Comp Case has the two front jacks for audio mic and output for headphones. The cord from that then goes into the computer, but is actual plugs (Like on the end of the headphones). So I have it run right out the back of the comp, but my sound jacks only have slots for one output - which my desktop speakers are hooked up to. Is there a way (or a part) that will allow me to have them both hooked in, so I can use the headset whenever I want?

2003-04-07, 05:07 PM
Not without getting a splitter... Then you'd just turn off your main speakers when you have headphones plugged in.

My Audigy 2 card has a headphone jack on the front that I can use, and it automatically turns off the speakers when I plug headphones in. I used to be in your situation though, and I just went behind my comp and switched it each time I needed headphones (which I don't use very often).

2003-04-07, 05:21 PM
That's what I was thinkin, I'm just cheap. Thanks.

2003-04-07, 07:57 PM
If you scrounge up $50 or so, get a Santa Cruz sound card. It has the ability, through software, to turn on and shut off your speakers then use your headphones.

Or, Get a newQ equalizer for your PC. I had one for a while and it offered mic and headphone ports into my PC. If I wanted to use the headphones, I just plugged them into it. Very easy to set up.

2003-04-09, 12:22 AM
I would like a solution that would allow my game noises to come through my main speakes and voice comms only come through on the headset.

I can't think of a way of doing this without 2 sound cards.