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2016-08-14, 09:37 AM

Since 2 weeks I have a problem with my ingame voice. I can't talk properly in all the ingame voice channels. When I do the audio test in the settings tab I hear myself really quiet, even if I have the microphone on its maximum. Our outfit is also using Teamspeak. On the teamspeak peaple can hear me realy good, and there is no problem. But in Planetside there is. People say it sound static, Is there a known solution for this problem?

2016-08-15, 10:17 PM
Basics, disable voice chat and re-enable it. Select your microphone from the voice settings. Make sure that your microphone settings on the desktop is turned up to or close to 100 with no sound output through the speaker. See if that works.

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2016-08-16, 01:32 PM
it didn't work.