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2003-04-08, 12:26 PM
My computer seems to do a quite perplexing thing.

It restarts by itself.

Here are my specs:

- Windows XP (not updated. well I can't with out a new registration key *cough* :D :p )
- AMD Athlon XP 1800+ (1529 MHz)
- Mem. 256Mb
- Radeon 7000 (61Mb) *yea yea! i'm upgrading soon!*

It's also overclocked I believe.

So I heard that you can't overclock AMD processors, cause when they over heat or whatever, they don't slow down like the intel?

Now I've had this problem of it restarting by itself for the last year. It's a real bitch, cause it does it outta the blue, for no reason, without warning. My brother has close to the same specs, and doesn't have this trouble. Although he has a different display driver for some reason. It all started when I installed the new video card (the radeon 7000).

Now with XP, it shows you an error report, and it says the driver RV100, (the one for my video card) seems to be the problem.

Now I'm not the most tech know-how person. And I hope I provided enough info so someone could come up with some ideas.
It would be appreaciated.

2003-04-08, 01:36 PM
hmm I usta have that problem as well. what is your Power Supply?

2003-04-08, 08:19 PM
If you're overclocking it I'd bet my left nut that heat is your problem. AMD's will usually restart themselves when they reach unsafe operating temperatures. A good way to check that is by going into your BIOS by hitting delete when prompted when you first boot up. There is a hardware monitor section somewhere but I'm at work so I'm not exactly sure what menu option it's under. I can check later and see. Best thing to do is either get a bigger fan or something else to reduce the amount of heat that's being put out.