View Full Version : computer is fookered . . . HELP!

2003-04-16, 06:50 PM
Athlon 1.0Ghz
ASUS A7M266 Mobo
512MB PC2100 DDR
30GB Maxtor 5400rpm HDD
Radeon 9000Pro 64mb

All I had for an OS until now was the system restoration disk that came with an OLD computer. It had Win98SE on it, but was configured for a completely different system, causing all sorts of performance issues.

I just got a hold of a full version of Win98 and an upgrade version of Win2K Pro, so I formatted my hard drive and installed win98 and win2k with no problems. I had everything loaded up, all drivers, and Tribes2 was running great(one of the programs i was having serious issues with before).

Then I have the great idea to finally update my motherboard's BIOS. I never had before because of the shitty OS configuration. This is where the shit hit the fan.

Computer crashed. Would not load up without locking. Reformatted and tried to install Win98 full version, no dice. Have been trying since Sunday night! Keep getting all sorts of errors and lockups. Lets stop here and see if anyone has any suggestions. I'm gonna go home and try some more and post again tomorrow.

Since the comp is dead, i can only post from work, so see you tomorrow.

2003-04-16, 06:54 PM
sounds like you better flash your old BIOS back on the board. or reflash the new/er one.

2003-04-16, 06:58 PM
yeah, i'm an idiot. can i find old bios flashes? or should i just try to reflash? I'll try that.

2003-04-17, 12:31 AM
well, reflashed the bios and all is great! I've got 2000 pro up and running and installing and configuring everything as we speak. thanks, onemanarmy. i'll be deleting this post in the morning to hide my shame :)

2003-04-20, 07:23 PM
lol i know ur shame

2003-04-21, 12:31 AM
You haven't deleted this post yet. now everyone knows your shame. :)

2003-04-21, 02:01 PM
lol, i know. for some reason, this is the only forum i've been to that doesn't allow you to delete your own threads.

2003-04-23, 05:58 AM
I hope my PC don't ever fook up when I got PS.:scared: