View Full Version : Interesting new problem

2003-04-17, 11:06 PM
Ever since I downloaded the new Windows patch this morning, my PC has been kinda sluggish. Programs seem to be loading a little slower and every once in a while, my browser will hang for about 10 secs. Is anyone else having this problem?

Games seem to run fine on it, but things like IE and Outlook seem to be loading slower.

My sys specs are in my sig and I have run Virus Scan and Defragmented but that didn't seem to cure the problem. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. It could be there's a problem with my system and the Windows patch is just a coincidence.

2003-04-17, 11:14 PM
I just read the microsoft forums on this and a lot of ppl are complaining about it, so it's not just you. I'm glad I was in the middle of something and decided not to install it.

2003-04-17, 11:32 PM
Thank you very much. Whew, I thought I might be having PC problems, but this is actually an easy fix. :love:

2003-04-19, 08:48 AM
Care to share with us how you fixed it? For the sake of the unfixed people. :D

2003-04-19, 09:54 AM
Please do tell. :) I hadn't really thought about slowdowns but now that I think about it outlook did seem slower... I thought it was because I was doing some other stuff at the time, but it's usually ok.

2003-04-19, 02:56 PM
You should be able to go to Add/Remove programs and uninstall the patch from there. I didn't think of that, so I just did a System Restore(went back 3 days, I believe) and everything works like a charm.

I turned off the "auto-alert" feature for windows updates so it won't download it again.(and btw I checked to make sure the patches weren't still on my system, and they were gone ;) )