View Full Version : Unistalling XP installation

2003-04-17, 11:18 PM
Ok, here's the situation. A friend of mine wanted to upgrade to XP, but the disk he was given is a haxd copy. There was a corrupted file and the OS wouldn't install. I asked him and he said that it would be ok for me to load up Win98. I did that and the install went fine. I now have an annoying problem. When I reboot it boots into an OS selector screen, Windows XP installation or Windows 98. If you don't select W98, it goes through with the beginnings of the install then gets to the corrupted file and stops. I know that with XP, all you ahve to do is edit the Boot.ini file, but with 98 there seems to be nothing there. I've looked around but can't find it. How do I unistall the XP installation?

Not an uber noob, but it's been a while since I've worked with 98.