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Signature Specifications
Our signature specifications are as follows:

Width: 500
Height: 220
Size: .5MB (512KB) or Less (total size of images)

If your signature does not meet these specs it will be removed by sigbot. If it is removed more than 3x in 14 days you will no longer be allowed to use signatures and will have to appeal to a moderator.

Outfit Recruitment

Recruitment posts should contain information about the Outfit, their History, any applicable videos, and links.

This forum is NOT for arguments between outfits, trolling other outfits threads or needlessly harassing outfit members. You should not seek to promote your outfit via controversy or the offending threads and posts will be removed. Offenders will be warned or infracted at the discretion of the moderators and offending posts deleted to keep up with the forum standards.

That being said Outfit Roll calls ARE most certainly allowed and encouraged!

Below are the forum rules, which are subject to change.

  • Post in the approprate faction specific subforum.
  • One thread per outfit.
  • Your thread should contain the name of your outfit and any relevant information to your cause. This includes logos, images, descriptions, histories, videos and more.
  • Trolling other outfits threads is not acceptable.
  • Do not "bump" threads if you don't have anything constructive to add to the thread like an outfit status update.

Advertisements Forum

Got a new community website or Stream? Even a YouTube channel? This is the place to make it known.

All websites must be PlanetSide related! No advertising your personal blog or channel.

When posting please remember to post:

  • Description of your Site: what is your site about and what content do you want to promote?
  • Link/URL To your site
  • Example videos or podcasts
  • Need help? Ask for volunteers!

What this forum is NOT:

  • Outfit Recruitment
  • Player Introductions
  • Promotions of products
  • Retail Advertisements

As we are allowing you to advertise on our site, we would appreciate a link back to PSU in return.

We reserve the right to moderate posts if we feel you are trying to directly compete with PSU or poach PSU members.

Fan Fiction

Fan Fiction rules are as follows:

  1. There will be no racist, sexist, vulgar, extremely profane, or generally offensive vocabulary in submitted works of fiction. The staff will determine what is over the line.
  2. Pictures must be no wider that 400px
  3. Do not flame other?s works of fiction. Constructive criticism is still subjective, so play nice.
  4. Plagiarism of other?s works without their permission will result in removal of all pieces of fiction. Those who plagiarize will be dealt with.
  5. Inappropriate and/or excessive sexual content will be removed or filtered.
  6. Use your own spellchecker. We are not going to edit your works.

Have fun, and be creative.

Political Debate
Political Debate Forum rules are as follows:
  • No flaming or personal attacks at any point. If your post does not contribute to the argument in any other way than to inflame and insult, it will be moderated and you will face banning.
  • If you have nothing to contribute, do not just post frown smiles.
  • Respect each other.
  • Threads not belonging in the Political Debate Forum will be closed/locked/moved. 
  • Threads that serve no purpose but to inflame - i.e. Nazi's were cool threads - will also be subject to change.
  • Failure to comply with these rules will result in a ban from the political forum.
  • Log all complaints about other forum members with the forums moderators.
Remember abide by these rules or lose the ability to post here.

Note: Opinions on the Political Debate forum in no way reflect the opinions of PSU or its staff.

All times are GMT -5. The time now is 09:09 PM.

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