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General Rules

General rules for the use of PlanetSide Universe services which include Forums, Wiki, IRC, TeamSpeak, etc. as well PSU branded social media such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Twitch etc.

  • PlanetSide is rated T, and while PSU generally allows mature content, your contributions may be more closely scrutinized during moderation if it goes well beyond.
  • No spam. This means mass messaging other users to gain traffic for your content.
  • No trolling/flaming. This means do not bait other users to get a rise out of someone.
  • No pornography. Porn is bare female breasts and male or female genitals.
  • No offensive images. Excessively violent/gross.
  • No copyrighted material. This includes warez or keygens.
  • No information that promotes breaking any games Terms of Service/EULA agreements.
  • Any rule specified in another section but not in the general rules section is also subject to enforement on all other services if applicable.

Violations of those rules could get you banned, either temporarily or permanently at the discretion of the staff. The staff will also be using their judgment to ensure the smooth operation of our services, including removing disruptive members. We utilize a 3 strike rule at PSU, if you violate the rules more than 3 times you will be removed permanently.

Forum Rules and Regulations

The PSU forum rules are in place in order to keep our forums clean and without Spam. Our rules are as follows (These rules are to be followed in ALL forums):

  • Keep forums on topic, game discussion should be game discussion, the lounge should be used for misc threads, political debate for political debate, etc. Threads which are posted in the incorrect areas will be locked/moved.
  • Do not cross post. Cross posting is posting the same thread in more than one place. If you made a thread in the wrong forum, report it to be moved.
  • Do not post image/video meme replies as links or embedded, this is not 4chan, include text with your media. (This does not apply to the Lounge)
  • Do not post beta key trade requests. Give them away for free or promote contests in the Advertising forum.
  • Selling of in game currency or items is prohibited. This includes selling Station Cash or special codes.
  • Do not discuss bans put in place by SOE. These are customer service issues and should be discussed with SOE Customer Support
  • Do not accuse specific players of cheating. This is a customer service issue and should be dealt with in game (with /report) or via SOE Customer Support.

Discord / TeamSpeak

Please feel free to use the server and invite your friends.

  • Do not harass or prevent users from using the servers normally.
  • Do not abuse the server features.
  • To report a user for rule violations on TeamSpeak, right click on the user and use the "Make a Complaint" option. Also, send us a contact notice as we do not monitor the complaints continuously.

PlanetSide Wiki
  • Do not vandalize pages by adding fake/trolling content.
  • The wiki is primarily for PlanetSide 2 content, please do not add content that pertains only to PlanetSide 1.
  • Create outift pages in the Outfit: namespace.

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