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[url=]Last Steel Legion[/url] is a Terran Republic outfit on Emerald. When Auraxium TR commanders need Cavalry support, they call in The Last Steel Legion: We're a chill group that runs organized ops specializing in Harassers and Prowlers (or as we affectionately call them: Penetrators & Caterpillars) on the Emerald server. [b]History[/b] Our Leadership is made up of seasoned players from all walks of adulthood who have developed a cohesive bond together in the art of cavalry support. We enjoy the rush and certs of organized play while maintaining a relaxed attitude. The Last Steel Legion name was chosen based on the reference to the one and only true Cavalry outfit on the Waterson server. Like to harass? Grab your microphone and join our teamspeak: [u][/u]
10 0 0 0
[url=]warriorknights[/url] is a Vanu Sovereignty outfit on Cobalt.
10 0 0 0
[url=]C0BALT[/url] is a Vanu Sovereignty outfit on Cobalt.
10 0 0 0
We kill as one and we kill everything
10 1 1 0
06:36 AM
[url=]The Great Tartaria[/url] is a Russian outfit for Terran Republic on Ceres ( Русскоязычный клан/аутфит ТР на сервере Церес ). TGRT проводит набор желающих играть преимущественно в команде. Основные требования: 1. Микрофон + TeamSpeak 3 2. персонаж >20 BR/LVL 3. Возраст +18 4. Online ( хотя бы 4 часа в неделю ) по МСК с 19:00 до 12:00 По поводу членства связывайтесь: - в игре с лидером ( MihesEmerson ) и офицерами TGRT
10 0 0 0
[url=]Vanu HotDrop Syndicate[/url] is part of the Vanu Alliance on Waterson, often cooperating in large-scale, faction-wide operations spanning across all continents.
10 0 0 0
[url=]Pandora Project[/url] is a Vanu Sovereignty outfit on Ceres.
10 0 0 0
Toxin Raiders is a Vanu Outfit and a division of Toxin Gamers.
10 1 2 0
01:58 PM
[url=]KBZonA[/url] is a New Conglomerate outfit on Mattherson.
9 0 0 0
[url=]SWAT[/url] is a Terran Republic outfit on Connery.
9 0 0 0
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