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[url=]Hoki[/url] is a New Conglomerate outfit on Briggs.
10 0 0 0
[url=]Army of the Dim Giant[/url] is a New Conglomerate outfit on Connery. The Army of the Dim Giant was formed primarily in order for Dim to enjoy spasmically infuriating his fellow outfit leads by completely ignoring them in order to pursue his own fun. His rabidly independent nature led to the rise of one of the greatest outfits in history. And while their initial goals were less than desirable, they ultimately became a powerful force for the new player experience, picking up the slack that a tutorial simply couldn't handle. The Army of the Dim Giant is now the most highly populated, fastest growing, and active outfit on Connery. It boasts 650 active members weekly and over 1150 active members monthly. If you're interested in a highly talkative, active community that plays planetside 6 days a week for more than four hours, this is your place. Welcome to planetside as you've never seen it before.
1 0 0 0
[url=]GUERREROS LATINOS UNIDOS[/url] is a Terran Republic outfit on Emerald.
1 0 0 0
[url=]Unicorn Death Squad[/url] is the best Vanu Sovereignty outfit on Emerald.
1 0 0 0
CABO outfit, Miller.
1 0 0 0
[url=]Starpunks[/url] is a Vanu Sovereignty outfit on Miller.
1 0 0 0
[url=]1st Terran Militia[/url] is a Terran Republic outfit on Emerald.
1 0 0 0
[url=]We Gucci Boysz[/url] is a Vanu Sovereignty outfit on Cobalt.
1 0 0 0
[url=]ShadowWalkers[/url] is a Vanu Sovereignty outfit on Emerald this outfit is for people that like playing the Infiltrator Class Imagine a whole army of infiltrators. "see this empty field? dont get tricked. this field if filled with an army of infiltrators!-Mr.BooT"
1 0 0 0
[url=]Elementary Beginnings[/url] is a Terran Republic outfit on Miller.
85 0 0 0
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