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[url=]501st OAST Division[/url] ist ein Clan des Neuen Konglomerates auf Cobalt, wir sind auf Luftlandeoperationen spezialisiert.
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[url=]Loyal bis in den Tod[/url] is a Terran Republic outfit on Cobalt. Egal ob du... ...ein Neuling, ein alter Veteran, ein Kleingärtner, ein Unterwäsche Modell (w/m), ein Feuerwehrmann, ein Flaschensammler, ein Saunagänger, ein Lobbyist, ein Yogaschüler, ein Briefmarkensammler, ein Baumschüler, ein Noob, ein Pro, ein leidenschaftlicher malen nach Zahlen Künstler, ein Männchen, ein Weibchen, ein Computerspieler oder 16-99 Jahre alt bist.
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[url=]nobus Freelancers[/url] is a Vanu Sovereignty outfit on Emerald. Also come from a old outfit that was good a long time ago were all Calm/Compitive and want to strive for more
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[url=]Midnight Sun[/url] is a Vanu Sovereignty outfit on Connery.
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[url=]Sociedade Verde Amarelo[/url] is a Vanu Sovereignty outfit on Emerald.
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DCB's Ceresian Light-Armour Division is a fast-attack Harasser unit based on Cobalt that adapts to a variety of combat roles to suit the battlefield at hand. The group primarily deploys Anti-tank variants of the Harasser. Though AP and AA Variants have been used before. The Unit operates with a selection of dedicated drivers, which build and maintain their own harassers and are trained by the drive master himself - Snoipeh96, and dedicated gunner. 'DCB' has a long history as a small gaming community. DCB stands for 'theDEADcatsBAND' which actually started out as a spoof barbershop quartet. Through some freak of nature the group fell into the gaming world and used the name to organise group gaming events. The group quickly adopted the acronym 'DCB' and eventually used it almost exclusively to refer to the group (for obvious reasons). The group has swelled in numbers in it's 6 year-long history though has usually kept to real-world friends. DCB has expanded into various other...
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[url=]Nouveau Conglomerat Francophone[/url] is a New Conglomerate outfit on Miller.
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1 1 2 0
05:38 AM
[url=]Gauss Powered Gamers[/url] is a New Conglomerate outfit on Connery. We are a medium sized semi-casual outfit catering to organized but relaxed squad based gameplay.
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[url=]Space Blueberries of America[/url] is a New Conglomerate outfit on Connery. Our Mottos: "We live for freedom, and die as dumbasses." "Space Freedom > Your mom." *Friends only outfit!*
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