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[url=]The Division [/url] is a Vanu Sovereignty outfit on Miller, originated by members of [IP] Iron-Pulse (Woodman server).
2 0 0 0
The Dread Legion is a Terran Republic outfit on Connery. [url][/url] We specialize in tactics, teamwork, and community. If you want an outfit that worries about their K/D, we are not for you. If you want an outfit that throws bodies at a problem, we are not for you. If you want an outfit that is there to goof off and pretend to care, we are not for you.
5 0 0 0
[url=]The Ekon Core Alliance[/url] is a Terran Republic outfit on Briggs. If you are interested in joining TECA visit our website and read our guidelines / contact us page or message 'Zoolo00' in game. [url=]Official Website[/url]
1 0 0 0
[url=]The Empyrean Divine[/url] is a Vanu Sovereignty outfit on Genudine.
1 0 0 0
[url=]The Exiled Gaming[/url] is a Terran Republic outfit on Cobalt.
1 0 0 0
=EX= is a group of guys that enjoys a "more killing, less drama" form of gaming. Gaming, to us, is an investment of our time where we expect to get a high rate of return on "fun". We're a clan focused on teamwork, friendship, and quality gametime. If you think you have what it takes to run with =EX=, then fill out an application, introduce yourself on our website forums, and wait for someone to get in touch with you. There are a few preliminary rules to consider before you fill out the application however. First, we're an 18+ clan, and we want maturity from our members regardless of their age. Players here range from early 20's to mid-40's. We will have members playing across all factions in Planetside2.
3 0 0 3
[url=]The Forty Deuce[/url] is a Vanu Sovereignty outfit on Connery. Website: [url=][/url] Apply here: [url=]Application[/url]
5 0 0 3
KILL AND LET KILL [url=] THE FRENCHIES[/url] is a french speaking Terran Republic outfit on Miller. Les Frenchies sont de retour sur PS2, et nous ouvrons le recrutement pour l'occasion Sur planetside 1 depuis la beta (2003) et sans interruption pendant presque 10 ans pour certains, les frenchies c'est avant tout un groupe de maboules qui jouent détendus du gland et dans la bonne humeur, mais en équipe. On n'a plus l'age de râler après ceux qui jouent dans leur coin, ils font pas long feu chez nous c'est tout... Apres blocage de notre site par les chinois du FBI ce dernier est de nouveau opérationnel (le forum du moins): rdv [url=]
1 0 0 0
[url=]The Great Tartaria[/url] is a Russian outfit for Terran Republic on Ceres ( Русскоязычный клан/аутфит ТР на сервере Церес ). TGRT проводит набор желающих играть преимущественно в команде. Основные требования: 1. Микрофон + TeamSpeak 3 2. персонаж >20 BR/LVL 3. Возраст +18 4. Online ( хотя бы 4 часа в неделю ) по МСК с 19:00 до 12:00 По поводу членства связывайтесь: - в игре с лидером ( MihesEmerson ) и офицерами TGRT
10 0 0 0
[url=]The Harkonnen[/url] is a Terran Republic outfit on Ceres.
1 0 0 0
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