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[url=]DRAUGAR[/url] is a Terran Republic outfit on Emerald. Draugar (pl) of Draugr have been written about for centuries. Tales of them persist through the world today under many names. Aptrganga "Again-walkers". We welcome you to join us. [media=youtube]XhyLKJgd8Zw[/media] Those of you who know me (Whiteworm), know I was the founder of Artillery [RTIL]. I'm a leader with principles that will not bend. You will encounter with us some of the toughest fights no one wants to take. As long as one outfit on the server is working, we should be working. We break our backs and play competitively. I'm pure blood TR. The glory of the Republic is all that matters. This is our resurrection.
3 0 0 0
[url=]The Mighty Mongrel Mob[/url] is a Terran Republic outfit on Briggs. We r de best inlazy (geddit opposite of outfit, LOLOLKOSDHF LELELELELEL 2FUNNY4ME). plz join i em so lonely. We are a casual outfit here to wrek scrubs.
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[url=] Spectres[/url] is a Terran Republic outfit on Connery.
2 0 0 0
[url=]BlueHornets[/url] is a New Conglomerate outfit on Ceres.
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The Main Battalion is a NC outfit on Cobalt or a Cobalt outfit in NC. Most numerous NC outfit on Cobalt. Second most numerous outfit on Cobalt. Most active NC outfit on Cobalt (in numbers). Organised around a platoon, there is no specialization : we participate in most alerts, fighting where our glorious New Conglomerate needs us. The purpose of the Main Battalion isn't to be the elite. Our goal is to help NC players on Cobalt to discover a new gameplay (squads, platoons, alerts, WDS).
24 1 1 0
03:43 AM
[url=]Babe Ruth[/url] is a Terran Republic outfit on Emerald.
1 0 0 0
[url=]Rock Traitor Shotgun[/url] is a New Conglomerate outfit on Miller.
15 0 0 0
[url=]501st 0AST[/url] is a New Conglomerate outfit on Cobalt.
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[url=]German electronic knight OPS[/url] is a Terran Republic german outfit on Cobalt. GEKO sucht neue Mitglieder! | nach Möglichkeit Ü16 |Fun & Taktik | TS3-Server Wir die GEKO suchen neue aktive Mitstreiter für unsere eigenen Reihen! Wir bieten euch sowohl taktisches als auch fun gameplay mit erfahrenen Spielern, sowie Trainings, Klassenguides, Allianzen mit anderen deutschen und internationalen Outfits, Tipps & Tricks uvm. Hier mal ein kleiner Eindruck auf Youtube:
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[center][img][/img][/center] [url=]The Black Birds[/url] est une [b]outfit francophone[/b] sur [b]Cobalt[/b] Nous sommes un regroupement de joueurs jouant pour délirer, pour le fun, tout en gardant un certain esprit de compétition. Nous avons une préférence pour le gameplay aérien, mais nous varions les plaisirs, autant en blindés qu'en infanterie. Notre but est de former un noyau dur composés de bons pilotes, et un jour, pouvoir dominer l'espace aérien. Concernant le recrutement, voici quelques informations;
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