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[url=]The Redshirts[/url] is a TR Outfit for people who want to be in an outfit, but don't like the commitment to having to be on at specific times and days that comes with it. that comes with it. You can chose to do your own thing or help us when we need it. The outfit really only has 1 rule, don't be a dick to other players. You can play any class and any vehicle that you chose, you are most helpful to us when you are comfortable with your loadout and vehicle.
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[url=]The Red and Black Army[/url] is a Terran Republic outfit on Briggs.
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[url=]The Purple Dragoons[/url] is a Vanu Sovereignty outfit on Connery.
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[url=]The Praxian Knights[/url] is a New Conglomerate outfit on Briggs.
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[url=]The Organised Misfits[/url] is a New Conglomerate outfit on Connery. created by LtGameboy it is generally considered a small weak outfit however it should be noted that on Wednesday august 26 of 2015 the outfit took the last required base on Hossin capturing the continent.
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[url=]The Ordo Imperialis[/url] is a Terran Republic outfit on Waterson. The Ordo Imperialis is an outfit which draws upon a military inspired structure to provide organization, both in and out of battle. The legions within operate with the primary principals of shock trooper divisions for Terran Republic military. Supported by over ten years of organized gaming, the Ordo combines its standards with a strong sense of community across all platforms being one of the many key's to our success. With a significant player base already having joined us testing and helping the developers during the beta and other platforms, we are now seeking to expand our outfit further and we want you. Don't let our structure discourage you, our inspiration is founded upon a military structure, we are not a military realism outfit, we do not expect our members to refer to people as sir or ma'am, we recognize that we are all here to...
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"No Surrender. No Retreat." Formerly known as "O FORCE," The Omega Force is an adaptive military outfit operating on Emerald. To join, visit Teamspeak: Feel free to hop in and join us at any time! Just ask for an invite!
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[url=]The Noldor[/url] is a Vanu Sovereignty outfit on Miller.
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[url=]The Negotiators[/url] is a Terran Republic outfit on Briggs.
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[url=]The Nanite Systems Mercenaries[/url] is a Nanite Systems outfit on Woodman.
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