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IGN's December '02 preview
Media - IGN - 12/11/02
Waiting to board a HART, or orbital drop pod.
Vanu inventory managment screen at an equipment terminal.
View of a Implant terminal. When you enter it allows you to choose which implants you wish to equip your players with.
Inventory managment screen at an equipment terminal.
This is a player coffin. When a player dies and chooses to respawn a coffin is left behind. Which can be looted.
Overlooking a base, in the sky on the right is a mosquito, in the distance on the left is a reaver.
This is a view of a player exiting a base turret.
Orbital drop pod coming down from the HART system.
Player controlling a base turret.
View of a player controlling a base turret.
View of a New Conglomerate Harasser inside a base. In the background there are some Vanu Energy weapons firing.
Respawn selection screeen.
External View of a Galaxy Dropship, notice the small player in front. :)
Inside of a base hallway, the player is doing an Animation :)
Screenshot of Dave Georgeson in Light Armor.
Interior of a base respawn room.
Screenshot of the Continent map, Cyssor.
View of a respawn tube.
Gameplay screenshot inside the walls of a base.
Screenshot of the character creation screen.

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