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Released by SOE during 2003
Media - 2003
Screenshot of the Shield Module in Core Combat, released 09/11/03.
PlanetSide Lithograph
PlanetSide Lithograph.
The New Conglomerate invades the Terran Republic facility. A Plasma Grenade discharges, searing the flesh of those caught inside the blast radius. The plasma will cling to its victoms and continue to cause damage to them for some time afterward.
The New Conglomerate ascends to the tower's control console, ripping into the Terran opposition with rockets and grenades. Using these weapons, the NC must keep its distance from the TR to avoid being caught in the blasts.
A New Conglomerate Vanguard provides outdoor support for the invasion, as the foot soldiers destroy a passing ANT
A new Conglomerate soldier and his compatriots approach a Terran Republic Tower. Their mission is to take control of this tower from the Terran Republic.
TR Reaver putting some heavy fire on ground targets
A Magrider makes short work of a Marauder
VS soldiers open fire at a Galaxy flying overhead
TR vehicles don't survive a VS barrage
TR forces prepare meet with VS resistance at a bridge
The plasma grenade wasn't enough to save this NC soldier
Using a rock for cover while assaulting a tower
Got Rocket?
VS soldier faces off against an NC MAX
TR soldier dropping into the action
Lots of TR try to defend their base
Lots of action
TR soldiers hold down the fort
Lots of TR armor await in the courtyard of a base
TR soldiers defend a base
VS soldiers gather in their sanctuary
An NC Reaver and VS soldier face off
Emerging from a warp bubble on Esamir
NC soldiers hack into a VS owned base
Several TR soldiers move in for an assault, in the background a Vanguard and Lightning go at it.
An air vehicle explodes while a TR soldier looks on.
NC soldiers pose for a picture in front of their Vanguard tanks
A Reaver successfully takes out an AMS

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