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PSU: "So, a sniper and an advanced medic walk into a bar..."
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Released by SOE during 2002
Media - 2002
New Conglomerate Solder crouches on artic turf.
New Conglomerate Soldier stares at the frozen landscape
New Conglomerate Soldier
Artic terrain with base in the distance.
View of rugged artic terrain looking down on base.
New Conglomerate Vanguard Tank, Vanu Lightning, New Conglomerate Galaxy Transport, Vanu Harasser, and Terran Republic Mosquito
An Army ready to deploy.
Galaxy Transport in flight.
Overhead shot of Galaxy Transport in Flight. Guns visable on wings.
Galaxy Transport on the ground.
New Conglomerate Harasser
New Conglomerate Harasser
New Conglomerate Harasser
New Conglomerate Soldier firing weapon.
New Conglomerate Soldier out in the field
Lightning mini-tank firing it\'s weapons
New Conglomerate in Medium Armor out in the field
New Conglomerate Medium firing weapon in the forest
New Conglomerate Mosquito in flight
New Conglomerate Mosquito in flight
New Conglomerate Soldier in Stealth Armor
New Conglomerate Vanguard Tank in the forest.
New Conglomerate Soldier stands in front of a Vanguard Tank.
New Conglomerate Vanguard Tank waits in the forest.
Soldier fires waepon with Vanguard Tank in background
Harasser in forground with Vanguard Tank in background
Harasser and Vanguard Tank just visable through the grass
New Conglomerate Soldier looking at the massive warp gate shield behind.
New Conglomerate soldier stands in front of massive Warp Gate.
Terran Republic Soldier in front of Lightning mini-tank

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