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Media - Previews
UK PC Zone showing the new BFR's in-Game. To the left in the binder, the VS Aphelion. Action shots of 3 BFR's can be seen right.
This article shows the new BFR's in-game. Pictured here are the TR Colossus and the NC Perigrine
Scan of an advertisement for Planetside in the September 2003 issue of CGW.
Scans of the Planetside Review in the September 2003 issue of CGW. Page 2.
Scans of the Planetside review in the September 2003 issue of CGW. Page 1.
All 3 empires are shown in this ad, with some info about the game.
Lots of 3D rendered action from the intro
3D renders obviously taken from the intro
This ad shows the 3 empire logos, with the shadow of a TR AV max.
Victorious Vanguard Tank.
Yup. Vanguard 1 - GM Twisted 0
Sorry Twisted, But even a GM is no match for a Vanguard!
One soldier against a Vanguard? Not likely despite being a GM
Vanguard claims another victom
Vanguard taking some heat from all sides
Vanguard taking some enemy fire
Vanguard with a target in it's sights
Vanguard fights it's way into a TR base
Vanguard Tank approaches a tower
Vanguard heads down the road
Another "victom" for the Vanguard Tank
Vanguard insaide an NC base.
View from a Vanguard Gunner position
Vanguard Tank rolls down the road
Reaver prepares to settle down on an Aircraft pad
Reaver speeds inbound to a TR held base.
Reaver watches from above.
2 Vanguards and a Reaver inside a TR base.
Friendly Reaver watches over from above
Aireal shot of a pair of Vanguards sitting in a TR held base.

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