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PSU: Likes to go commando
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Media - WorthPlaying - 03/08/03
Overlooking a base
NC Light armor
Grouping up at a waypoint
Loading up into a Harasser
Evading enemy fire
Firing from the gunner position on a Harasser
Getting deeper into a base
Control terminal in an amp station
Hacking into the control terminal
NC droppod landing
A HART landing at the sanctuary
Medical Terminal
Vanu shots fired in a base courtyard
Deployed AMS
Uncaptured gun tower
Waiting on the outskirts of a warpgate, bolt-driver in hand
3rd person view from a HART
A waypointed base
Watching for incoming at a bridge
Taking a few practice swings with a chainblade
Inside view from a base turret
Upper level of a base
Map of Cyssor
Approaching a waypoint

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