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Screenshots from WorthPlaying's beta screenshot segment.
Media - WorthPlaying - 04/02/03
Soldier patrols a base during dusk
Galaxy rising in altitude.
Zooming in, why is that NC up in the tree??
A convoy arrives at its destination.
Enforcer patrolling the courtyard of a base.
Freshly spawned Enforcer.
Defending the back door.
NC Max guarding a spawn room.
The respawn timer, if you choose to release you pick a spawn point and can no longer be revived.
NC Soldier (using gauss) owns up an enemy.
Enforcer patrolling around a galaxy.
NC Standing on top of an equipment terminal. Didnt mom teach him not to climb on the furniture?
Scenic trip along the shoreline with a Harasser.
Jogging to an enemy base.
Several NC defend a control console, screen was taken by someone standing on it.
Defending a hacked base.
Charging up an ANT
Enforcer takes out an enemy AMS

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