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Contains all new screenshots from PlanetSide: Core Combat expansion.
Media - Core Combat
The Switchblade in a deployed state.
The Switchblade.
The Spiker charging up.
The Spiker.
The Router, from the side.
The Router, from the front.
The Router in a deployed state.
The Radiator.
The Maelstrom.
The Laze Pointer.
The Flail in a deployed state.
The Flail.
Screenshot of a TR Shield Module in use.
Original vehicles are still just as useful in these caverns.
A deployed router.
A small waterfall/river flows through this cavern.
The Hossin cavern wide view.
Inside one of the Core Facilities
Some of the new Core Combat weapons can be seen in this screenshot.
Charging a Module
Wide view of the Ceryshen Cavern, ziplines are clearly in view, as well as a reaver. In the background is the Core Complex
Charging up a stasis box into a module.
The Flail waits for a new victim inside the Ceryshen Cavern. In the background is the Core Complex
The Switchblade inside the Ceryshen Cavern
Approaching one of the Cavern Warp Gates.
Screenshot of a Vanu soldier holding the new Maelstrom (Heavy Assault) weapon. October 9, 2003.
Screenshot of a TR sniper taking out some unsuspecting VS soldiers. October 9, 200.
Screenshot of a TR who took a zipline right into the middle of some VS soldiers. October 9, 2003.
Screenshot from Core Combat in which a Vanu reaver is firing at a TR soldier. October 9, 2003.
Screenshot of a TR reaver firing at a VS reaver. The odd eye looking thing in the top right is an Ancient Tech Sentry Turret. October 9, 2003.

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