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Mosquito sitting on a vehicle spawn pad.
A Reaver on it\'s way to battle.
Flying into a warp gate. On the left is a list of squad members and their health.
Waiting to board a HART, or orbital drop pod.
Vanu inventory managment screen at an equipment terminal.
View of a Implant terminal. When you enter it allows you to choose which implants you wish to equip your players with.
VS Medium Armor
Inventory managment screen at an equipment terminal.
VS Thresher Buggy
VS Light Armor
Behind the wheel looking at a base in the distance
VS MAX Armor
TR Striker missle launcher
This is a player coffin. When a player dies and chooses to respawn a coffin is left behind. Which can be looted.
TR Chainblade
TR Cycler chaingun
VS Male Medium Armor
VS Male Stealth Armor
VS Male Standard Armor
VS Male Light Armor
VS Female Light Armor
VS Female Standard Armor
VS Female Stealth Armor
VS Male MAX Armor
Defending a base.
VS Mag-rider Tank
Overlooking a base, in the sky on the right is a mosquito, in the distance on the left is a reaver.
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