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PSU: Half the Hamma, all the taste.
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Screenshots and Photos from the Developers on Twitter
Media - Twitter
@mhigby: New kill cam at last! What do you think? No more positional reveal. Middle panel shows kill assist info if needed
@mhigby: Vanu dual-Comet max found those two Vanguards from the previous tweet... yikes.
@mhigby: Nothing like starting your morning off with some heavy metal.
@mhigby: Infiltrating in the cover of darkness
Jungle Dual Pounder
New Conglomerate MAX Camo via @mhigby
Terran Republic Amp Station at Night via Higby
Indar biolab during a particularly pink sunset.
Weapon customization clarification for @psucom forums - you select one cert-based perk at a time trade offs!
@PS_TRay "vanu MAX pornstar"
@PS_TRay "some one asked for this, I forgot you wish @planetside2"
@PS_TRay "you mean like this... I can do this all day"
@PS_TRay "@Zynastor here you go...wrong gun but you get the point"
@PS_TRay: Planetside RTS anyone? @planetside2 lol. 64 players HA! I saw that 200 meters ago lol #forgelight
@NaniteSystems: The perfect 'book-end' to any facility wall, the Nanite Systems wall Tower...
Concept Art via T-Ray
Facility Wall via T-Ray
@CDLJennyboo Play testing with the bettas
@CDLJennyboo Having lunch with @mhigby playing @planetside2
@CDLHamma The signature warp gate
@CDLHamma AMP Station Zurvan
@CDLHamma Deployed Turret
@CDLHamma Hvar Tech Plant
@CDLHamma Scythe cockpit by request!
@CDLHamma Spawn Tube!
@CDLHamma Sunderer!
@CDLHamma TR Galaxy
Galaxy Cockpit via @PS_TRay
Night Ops Anyone?
Amit going Light Assault vs a Lightning

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