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via @PS_Tray: [email protected]
via @mhigby Nanite Systems makes the most cozy barracks
via @mhigby inigmatus on @psucom asked how much the scythe pylons affect visibility gameplay, not much.
via @mhigby Its so hard to get any work done when your engine constantly makes you stop in your tracks.
via @mhigby Early morning seige
via @mhigby Shof doing his thing, building badass armor! Damn I wish my office had that view...
via @mhigby Amped to try this Chubby's burger.
@via mhigby: Beastmode
via @mhigby Planetside 2 crew is looking sharp for the townhall demo!
via @PS_TRay Sitting on top o d world
via @mhigby Got some tots with my burger today. Old school.
via @mhigby Night time strafing run! Bam Bam Bam Bam
via @mhigby Went out on the prowl for some BBQ today!
via @mhigby: Night Assault with Light Assault
via @PS_TRay PURPLE TIL I DIE @planetside2
via @PS_Tray: Vs heavy assault WIP. Don't ever say I never give u nothing. ;)
via @mhigby Peek-a-BOOM (TR Soldier rocking Camo)
via @mhigby Size comparison of all three empire specific aircraft
via @mhigby: Heres some more WIP on Cesar's awesome map treatment hooked up on our loading screen.
via @ps_tray BAMMM!!!
via @PS_Tray Someone left the engine running
Tweeted by @mhigby
Tweeted by @mhigby
via @ps_tray ForgeLight doing what it shizzz Goodnight folks *dropsthemikeandwalksoffstage*
via @ps_tray *plays the theme song from the incredible hulk tv show* lol.
he eyes are the window2d soul
via @mhigby Cesar Kobashikawa, UI master, working on putting together some high altitude shiz
via @mhigby This one is for everyone worried about my future heart attack. Special delivery of healthy food from my wife...
Little sneak peek at whats flying in for next weeks #Planetside2 theme...
via @mhigby heard some 'not enough detail' ruckus about shots from yesterday, a lot is WIP still but heres some details 4 ya

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