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via @mhigby have a great weekend guys, heres a friday treat! Behold the Biolab!
via @mhigby Early bird snipes the TR.
via @PS_TRay "Orb" launcher attachment.. V 4
via @mhigby Nanite Systems: more than just vehicles!
via @PS_TRay Sun setting on auraxis.
via @mhigby As chosen by you guys, night time vehicles scene. Night Riders.
via @mhigby Okay, you try taking a steady camera phone picture while not crashing your Reaver into a tree.
via @mhigby Having some fun with my #GDC2012 magnets.... plus a liberator.
@mhigby Hmmm. Okay i see your problem... got a bunch of bullets in your intake manifold
via @PurrfectStorm Got a cool medal!
via @mhigby Awwwww yeeeeee
via @mhigby UI coder Amit splitting his time between profile page coding and watching Harry Potter for the 100th time.
via @mhigby Environment art rock star Alen Lapidis showing off new lighting in the spawn room
via @PS_TRay Vs stealth mofos!!!
via @ELahti Senior Art Director @ps_tray is showing me a render of the New Conglomerate Sunderer in @planetside2. 11-player APC.
via @ELahti And here's an artist on @planetside2 doing a concept paintover on an air tower.
via @ELahti Here's @arclegger, working on an outpost outfitted with a terraforming lab.
via @mhigby ES tanks from soldier eye level. damn its hard getting these 3 to not kill eachother long enough to get a pic
via @mhigby Empire specific tank top-down size comparison, which is your favorite?
via @PS_TRay whats new on my screen
via @mhigby One more Prowler shot I had on my phone that I hadn't sent out
via @mhigby Sundered, son!
via @PS_TRay Nc shotty to the body. Splat month itsh than a porta potty
via @mhigby Happy new year to all my #Planetside2 tweeps! looking forward to a bright and exciting new year!
via @mhigby Explosion left some dirt on my viewport... oh well!
via @mhigby Roll Out!
via @mhigby Early Christmas present for you guys!
via @mhigby Seems like weapon detail was the winner! Here you go
via @mhigby Vehicle terminals "uh yeah, i'd like a Vanguard with a side of flechette cannon please... yeah supersize it."
via @PS_Tray Customize this

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