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PSU: Wow, you could use that thing as a tripod.
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Screenshots and Photos from the Developers on Twitter
Media - Twitter
@PS_TRay I love the way they call me big papa
@PS_TRay Tower from my cockpit
Reaver Cockpit
Terran Republic Prowler
AMP Station
Nanite Systems Manned Turrets
Tech Plant Concept via @PS_TRay
Vanu Proximity Mine
Attachable Grenade Launcher for NC Assault Rifle
Typical NC Parking Job
@PS_TRay Bustin off shots vs style
High visibility today!
Take this one to the battle field to decimate the enemies
Presenting the NS-X3 40 Vehicle Mounted Grenade Launcher
Tweet via TRay
@NaniteSystems Protect your Base with one of many combinations of our NS turret solutions
Who wants jump jets?!? Assoc. Designer @PurrfectStorm tests & tweaks
@NaniteSystems Nanite Systems long distance companion
Game Designer @twothreesix works on weapon balance for the NC Gauss Carbine
Lead Vehicle Designer @kevmo0 monitors tank cannon damage during an internal playtest.
Assoc. Designer @arclegger iterates on a small outpost in Indar after team playtest.
@NaniteSystems Protect your crew in this armored beast
via @NaniteSystems
Nanite Systems C4 via @NaniteSystems
The Mana Turret via @PS_TRay
via @PS_TRay cockpit concept.
@PS_TRay Stripped down to my drawls.
via @PS_TRay so many choices.
NC Heavy Assault WIP

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