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MLG Interview with Matt Higby

MLG has posted a recording of yesterdays War Report which includes an interview with Matt Higby. Many topics are discussed inculuding eSports, Hossin and upcoming GUs:

Check out the full interview on YouTube.

2013-06-03 05:42 PM
Source: YouTube
Latest Comments
2013-06-02 07:23 PM
Higby live on MLG

Talking the next few game update's Hossin, eSports, etc.
2013-06-02 07:46 PM
Re: Higby live on MLG

Annnd it's over. Nothing to crazy revealed.
2013-06-02 08:12 PM
Re: Higby live on MLG

I can't watch the recording. It's blocked for all non subscribers and has a HUGE pay me overlay over the video.

Didn't like MLG already for showing half a week old recorded videos as live gameplay. This is just WTF levels. There's no way in hell Im going to pay $10 a month for shit that isn't even LIVE on a live streaming site. I wouldn't pay to start with as Im a cheap bastard, but that's why I don't run addblocker. To give some support at least.
2013-06-02 10:10 PM
Re: Higby live on MLG

Interview recording if you are interested...

2013-06-03 07:58 AM
Re: Higby live on MLG

That was a good interview. Lots of information and not a lot of fluff.
2013-06-03 08:49 AM
Carbon Copied
Re: Higby live on MLG

Only seen half of it but I like the concept of the battle isles; however I thought once the intercontinental locking came in that the 3 empire fights would be a more rarer occurence? I'd be interested to know what the plans are so far for the continent locks and intercontinent travel - Hossin is going to be the lead up to that (and almost been abit of a content smoke screen I guess) but there seems to have been sketchy details on thoughts/mechanics beyond "it's something we want to do".
2013-06-03 09:24 AM
Re: Higby live on MLG

Seeing Higby lately keeps reminding me that I need a hair cut But yeah it was a good interview. I am not all that much into eSports but to each his own and maybe ultimately it brings more players to the core game as well.
2013-06-03 09:35 AM
Re: Higby live on MLG

The news on Battle islands is Interesting.

I would like an ETA on them, but from the sound of things, they wont really have a place in this world, until Continent lock comes in.

That said, it really does sound like, they are heading in continental lattice direction, moreso after this interview.

Pretty happy with all this
2013-06-03 10:21 AM
Re: Higby live on MLG

His comment about outfits and servers skewing balance data is interesting.

I noticed that on Connery there seems to be a TON of VS infiltrators that will suicide into groups dropping proxy mines. That isn't something you see all the time on Waterson or Mattherson. It happens on those servers, but it's gauranteed to happen every single base you take from VS on Connery and it happens repeatedly. Since I have been playing on Connery a lot that really stands out to me lately.

Interesting because I know as TR that infiltrators can't do the same thing with claymores.

The battle isles sound cool. A neccessary step between contenints that only 2 factions can fight over at a time. Makes me want the MLG to come out just for those.
2013-06-03 10:41 AM
Re: Higby live on MLG

Well something I'm getting out of this, is that his comments about Battle islands is an admission that they will do a continental lattice.

Question is, will it be Prior to the continent lock, or at the continent lock?
2013-06-03 11:53 AM
Re: Higby live on MLG

Thanks for posting the YouTube vid I'll get this up as news.

Side note, the outfit match was somewhat interesting but it was pre-recorded. This game is just screaming for that tourney mode they are working on if they intend to make these more entertaining and live.
2013-06-03 12:27 PM
Re: Higby live on MLG

Monitoring Software‎ and ping limitations..... very nice....

i think we need to get this on live aswell.
2013-06-04 11:24 AM
Re: Higby live on MLG

I kinda feel bad for Higby, not being able to stick with an outfit in PS2.
2013-06-04 11:35 AM
Re: Higby live on MLG

Maybe I'm just old. But I rather play the game then watching some one else playing the game. Sure it's fun to watch something on your phone when you're eating alone at a restaurant during lunch some times but I would never take time to watch some one play something if I have the opportunity to play it myself. Thats like choosing between having sex with a really sexy girl or watch some one else having sex with her.

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