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New PlanetSide 2 Art Director

Early this morning Tramell Isaac better known to everyone as T-Ray announced that he will be leaving SOE to pursue a new opportunity. T-Ray is one of the most iconic members of the PlanetSide 1 and PlanetSide 2 teams. He announced that Bill Yeatts would be taking over his Art Director spot.

Introducing... Bill Yeatts as the new Art Director of Planetside2.

I've had a blast working with you guys all these many months. I will certainly miss you all. The good news is, you are in good hands. Bill was on the Ps2 team from start to ship so he is very well versed in what is and is not PlanetSide 2. He is running the show now and he may contradict so of the 'rules' I set in the past, but that is now his prerogative. Please, give my friend a warm welcome to the Player Studio community.

As for me, I will be moving on to another company. Thank you for all of your hard work. It's been a blast.

It was recently announced that T-Ray is going to work at Boss Key Productions. Check out the original announcement and hit up our comments thread to post your thought and well wishes.

2014-10-01 12:39 PM
Latest Comments
2014-10-01 05:14 PM
Re: TRay moving on

Originally Posted by T-Ray View Post
Thank you all for the support. I will miss this community, you guys rock. Hamma is a stud, I luv you bruh
Later dude .. glad I got meet you at SOELive and give you some of our countries sweet sweet L&P

2014-10-01 05:18 PM
Re: TRay moving on

Originally Posted by CyclesMcHurtz View Post
This means T-Ray is off to the N.C. - just sayin'
Trying to remember to the origins of those names. TR Tyrannical Rulers, NC Non-Conformists but VS eludes me....
2014-10-01 05:22 PM
Re: TRay moving on

Anywho. I gotta get outta here. You guys take care.
2014-10-01 06:11 PM
Re: TRay moving on

Will miss ya dude.
2014-10-01 07:07 PM
Re: TRay moving on

Sturm und drang!
2014-10-01 07:48 PM
Re: TRay moving on

Wow. Best of luck TRay. You did a great job during your tenure.
2014-10-01 11:00 PM
Re: TRay moving on

It feels wrong.
Hope he gets where he needs/wants to be.
Clearly done a fantastic job with PS2 and nurturing/laying the beatdown on PlayerStudio talent.
2014-10-01 11:30 PM
Re: TRay moving on

Originally Posted by T-Ray View Post
Thank you all for the support. I will miss this community, you guys rock. Hamma is a stud, I luv you bruh
This makes me sad.
2014-10-02 01:47 PM
Re: TRay moving on

T-Ray thanks for everything you did in Planetside and Planetside 2 I can't wait to see what you do next! It was a honor to get to know you come back anytime. Good luck you will be missed!
2014-10-02 06:12 PM
Re: TRay moving on

One of the ledgends, cheers
2014-10-03 03:32 AM
Re: TRay moving on

no more rum & cola..
no more surprise F bomb drops...
no more command centre....

Shame to see you go big man but I hope you enjoy the new gig TRay
2014-10-04 02:09 AM
Re: TRay moving on

Man, right in the feels I wish him the best in everything he does for sure!!
2014-10-05 07:16 AM
Re: TRay moving on

Goodluck. I appriciated all the work you put in to PS2.
2014-10-06 05:47 AM
Re: TRay moving on

Cheers T-Ray, good luck on your new job!
2014-10-06 08:35 PM
Re: TRay moving on

Thanks for the great work you put in to PS1 and PS2 T-Ray! Good luck in your future endeavors!

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