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Leader: OneBadDude

Created: 2012-11-20 02:43 PM

[DARK] PlanetSide 2 Wiki

[DARK] PSU Social Group

Total Chars XP Kills Deaths Time Played
107 1725610082 1808284 1169408 4132d 1h 8m
Average BR Average XP Average Kills Average Deaths Average Time Played
64 16127197 16900 10929 38d 14h 49m
Online Online Last 30 Days Online Last 7 Days Leaderboard Rank Download
0 (0%) 23 (21.50%) 20 (18.69%) #271 CSV Export Roster

DARK is a Vanu Sovereignty outfit on Mattherson.

DARK - An outfit originally created during the original Planetside is filled with people who play the game as a game. Mostly older people, and by older I'm speaking mostly about maturity level but in all honesty I can count those under 20yrs on one hand, who get together after the day's work is done for some concerted and teamwork oriented asskicking. Our teamwork is focused, our targets are selected, and we hit the ground running.

We are small in size and we intend to remain that way. We rarely take credit for anything, we are generally quiet in all chat channels, and we routinely do what it takes other outfits double our size to do. It is by design our name isn't splashed everywhere there's broadcast ability. Promotions involving longevity and one's ability to lead a group of adults with tact and respect, with results. Show us what you're made of and we'll see it without you telling us about it.

Some items taken from our website:

Most of us are older players, as I probably mentioned to you in game if I talked to you. We realize however that maturity isn't always about age.

•Many of us in this outfit were previously fed up with outfits. Fed up with juvenile behavior, fed up with members being invited daily through broadcast spam, and most of all fed up with directionless and unstructured play.

•We keep our priorities in place here. Planetside is not more important than your real life.

•There is a marked absence of "****" in DARK. Your **** is different from someone elses ****, so just insert your **** here. Generally, we're crapless.

•We play with organization and goals in mind. We are gal droppers, foot zergers, infils, and grunts, we drive armor and fly! Be on your toes, we are versatile.

•We respect each other, and we earn each others respect.

•No matter what we're doing, how much fun we're having or facing a particularly tough night, we're doing it together. I believe strongly that it's not only the game content that makes it all fun, but moreso the people you're experiencing it with.

If any of this is something you can relate to and are interested in learning more about, please visit and read a bit. We do require Teamspeak 3 (listen at a minimum).

Come try us out. We're late night players 10:30pm - 3am EST is our typical 'Primetime'. Send a friend request to Fed, ObsidianOne, OneBadDude, Calisai, Erendil or Prez. Let us know you're interested in DARK and we'll get you in a squad.

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