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The Ordo Imperialis [Ordo]



Leader: Chrysalis

Created: 2012-11-20 02:24 PM

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Total Chars XP Kills Deaths Time Played
225 308579138 441530 392244 1135d 8h 54m
Average BR Average XP Average Kills Average Deaths Average Time Played
25 1371463 1962 1743 5d 1h 6m
Online Online Last 30 Days Online Last 7 Days Leaderboard Rank Download
0 (0%) 6 (2.67%) 4 (1.78%) #3195 CSV Export Roster

The Ordo Imperialis is a Terran Republic outfit on Waterson.

The Ordo Imperialis is an outfit which draws upon a military inspired structure to provide organization, both in and out of battle. The legions within operate with the primary principals of shock trooper divisions for Terran Republic military. Supported by over ten years of organized gaming, the Ordo combines its standards with a strong sense of community across all platforms being one of the many key's to our success. With a significant player base already having joined us testing and helping the developers during the beta and other platforms, we are now seeking to expand our outfit further and we want you.

Don't let our structure discourage you, our inspiration is founded upon a military structure, we are not a military realism outfit, we do not expect our members to refer to people as sir or ma'am, we recognize that we are all here to have fun, but we don't mind it either. We're friendly and accepting, but also like to get down to business when needed. We've found this the best way to remain an organized and efficient war machine with some time to kick back and relax and have some fun together.

So, whether or not you are an avid tanker with a tricked out Prowler or a veteran helljumper ready to throw themselves out of a Galaxy at a moments notice, we have a place for you. We offer recruitment bonuses, expert training, effective leadership, an extensive awards system and progression throughout the Ordo community as a whole. Your rank stands universal and your achievements available for all platforms and games. On top of the numerous options for contribution and participation, the Ordo already supports other divisions and projects similar to the administrative avenues such as the Republic Education Administration to for those who are inclined to peruse and explore them.

Of course we can't leave out those who wish to take a commanding and leadership role to which we are always looking for. These combat leaders and officers no matter their position or rank dedicate themselves to grasping the flag of our colors and leading the troops into battle and into glory. All it takes is dedication, confidence and experience. Our extensive education training available to interested individuals with regards to combat leadership will craft a finely tuned commander and leader. Support doesn't stop once a leader is in the field, the Ordo offers a large range of rewards and incentives for effective and consistent leadership in the face of the enemy.

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