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Army of the Dim Giant [DGia]



Leader: DimGiant

Created: 2018-12-12 07:10 AM

[DGia] PlanetSide 2 Wiki

[DGia] PSU Social Group

Total Chars XP Kills Deaths Time Played
462 3134373825 3898402 3652191 9102d 23h 54m
Average BR Average XP Average Kills Average Deaths Average Time Played
51 6784359 8438 7905 19d 16h 53m
Online Online Last 30 Days Online Last 7 Days Leaderboard Rank Download
2 (0.43%) 71 (15.37%) 30 (6.49%) #991 CSV Export Roster

Army of the Dim Giant is a New Conglomerate outfit on Connery.

Heavily truncated outfit historical periods:

12-12-2018 - 4/1/2019

DGia is formed and grows to an enormous number as the de facto leader DimGiant expands the group as quickly as possible, streaming the game 6-8 hours a day, six days a week. He forces himself into the community with the subtly of a premature nuclear explosion, and causes great deals of drama by attacking groups where he could easily harness the disdain of others to his own ends. He justifies his actions by saying he'll 'save planetside' by making big groups. The result is a breathtakingly massive, toxic, chaotic, and sometimes fun group of lunatics. Despite Dim's draconian methods for growth and general lack of social grace, he finds himself with a surprising number of positive associations in the likes of AdeltheQadi, Gotchakiddo, BubufromCN, Bwolei, UnadornedAxe, SpiritBear, Emiko, Xavic, Aidan, and others who gradually have a softening effect on him. They are foundational in establishing DGia as an occasionally cohesive force with a unified culture on the server. The Development team of Planetside 2 at the time also finds DGia and their leader amusing, and the producer gives Dim access to an observer camera to further his work on youtube videos related to the game. In April, the DX11 update drops and a huge population spike occurs, leading Dim to declare "Planetside Saved" and significantly scaling back streaming. Despite Dim's openly toxic behavior, he's never censured by the game development team and his 'work' goes on unabated.

4/1/2019 -4/1/2021

DGia grows slowly in the absence of the daily 6-8 hour twitch streams, until it peaks at 1,200 active users. Eventually, the number of players listed causes external websites tracking outfit numbers to crash, and slows down the in-game outfit UI. DimGiant reduces the group by 1,000 inactive players and slightly eases the issue. Outfit wars are introduced and DGia, without meaning to, vanquishes their greatest adversary NLRStarShield and NWYT when DGia beats them handily in the qualifiers overnight. NLR sadly never returns to the game and NWYT is put out for good. AdeltheQadi, inspired by outfit wars, attempts to create DGia's first specialized group of infiltrators with mixed success. Dim experiences similar difficulty in forming an air corps. The 'Leetfit' is formed, making up DGia's best players, and actually starts having marginal impact during alerts when they're not up against skilled groups. During this time the developers Dim had befriended are fired because of Planetside Arena's failure. Dim, saddened and disheartened, and outraged at the poor managerial handling of the situation, forms the Planetside Project in the hopes of shoring up support for proliferating the game through advertising. Despite this initial goal never being achieved, the group ends up sharing assets and resources, becoming a small boone to the artistic community.

Later, after polite introductions were made by Conflictt of Recursion, Dim forms a special relationship with a skilled Liberator pilot and talented artist called LividRaccoon. They bond over shared passion for art, humor, personal vanity, and Planetside. Never ascending to boyfriend/girlfriend status, of course. During the second outfit wars, Dim and Livid's curious relationship takes a turn for the worse over misunderstandings about how to proceed with strategic thinking in the battles ahead. Dim's response to the schism was vicious, cruel and evil. The majority of his close friends leave for greener pastures, disgusted by his behavior. This little bit of theater haunts Dim for the rest of his life, no matter the distance he tries to create between himself and this saga. The outfit never fully recovers, and neither does he.

4/1/2021 - the present

Dim finally learns the true value of Planetside in his life isn't the platoons he controls, or the effects he has on game development, but the men and women of DGia, whose compassion, mercy and kindness fundamentally alter his course forever: UnadornedAxe, Elrices, Jeffluke, Emiko, AdmiralMessina, Ausomerat, Gotchakiddo, Bwolei, LittleBunniefoofoo, TheRedKnight, Derremedor, EternalWarrior, DangDingo, CalamityStryker, Nora, Spachi, RyanMcgee, Omnimuu, Killinator, Capnode, Gristlemcthornbody, 420Grinder, Jonnyboy, Amaduel, CovieNC, Blaze, Pug.Inc, RemainNA <3 <3, Ahcer, Biorapture, OGbelus, Zalixz, NordiPi, Shalmalopa, Zazor Crim, Fishbone, ToastyMan, StarfighterNC, Mr Quacks, Disenfranchised, *ESPECIALLY* Selendah, and many more. DGia consists now of these men and women who are generally caring, compassionate, and have given up the philosophy of controlling things. Willing to power in love for others, with Planetside 2 as a pleasant, daily side note to better pursuits that make better men and women.

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