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Community Clash Rules

Disclaimer: All Rules are Subject to change. Please review rules on the day of the match. Modified Rules will have RED text until after the match following the changes. Hosts reserve the right to modify rules in accordance to unforeseen circumstances prior to the match, but only while both outfits have representatives in voice coms

General Match Rules:

  1. Each match will consist of two 45 minute halves

  2. Each team will consist of 24 players

  3. Season 1 will be an 8 team single elimination bracket

  4. Each match will take place on a “lane” of bases. ( See Lane rules below )

Victory Conditions:

  1. The team at the end of both halves with the most points awarded wins

  2. If the two teams tie then a death match will decide the victor ( See Deathmatch below )


  1. Capturing a single point base awards the capturing team with 2 points

  2. Capturing a three point base awards the capturing team with 3 points

  3. Capturing the opposing teams home base rewards the capturing team 5 points and ends the half

Vehicle Rules:

  1. All vehicles are allowed on the Indar and Amerish lanes

  2. MBT’s will not be allowed on the Esamir lane except from Warpgates

  3. Galaxy’s can only be pulled from each teams warpgate in all matches

  4. Vehicles can only be pulled from the bases in the lane of combat

Starting Positions/Prep:

  1. Each Team will be required to start within the hex of their home base at the beginning of the each half and outside of any vechicles. 

  2. No vehicles can be pulled prior to the start of each half except the one galaxy allowed to each team to be placed anywhere in their starting hex they would like at the start of each half


  1. Each player will be provided full resources at the beginning of the match

  2. The resources each player starts with at the beginning of the match and the resources gained by playing in each half are all players will get for the match.

Same Faction Match Rules:

  1. If in the event each team participating in the match is the same faction the following rules are applied

    1. Prior to the start of the first half a coin flip is done and the winner chooses to either to play their secondary faction in the first or second half

    2. Each teams chooses a secondary faction to play in their designated half

Player/Team Makeup:

  1. All players must be a full time member of the outfit they are representing at the beginning of the match

  2. Substitutes for your team can be made at the halftime/intermission if required

  3. No player can represent more than 1 team participating in season 1

Lane Rules and Makeup:

  1. All controlled bases and home base will be switched at the half

  2. The three below lanes will be used as such

    1. The first 4 games of Season 1 will take place on Lane 1

    2. The 2 Semi Final games will take place on Lane 2

    3. The Final match will take place on Lane 3

Lane 1- Indar

Mao Tech Plant - Team home base

Mao Southeast Gate

Abandoned NS Offices

Howling Pass Checkpoint

NS Material  Storage

Rashnu Watchtower

Rashnu Biolab - Team home base

Lane 2 - Esamir

Nott Amp Station - Team home base

Nott Research Camp

Geological Survey Camp

Frostfall Overlook

Ymir Eastern Way

Ymir Biolab - Team home base

Lane 3 - Amerish

Heyoka Tech Plant - Team home base

Heyoka Chemical Lab

                      Chimney Rock Depot

                      Tumas Skylance Battery

Tumas Tech Plant - Team home base


  1. Season 1 sudden death matches will take place on “The Traverse”

  2. No Vehicles

  3. Heavy and Light Assault only

  4. First team to either eliminate the other team to the last man or cap the base wins

  5. Consumables are allowed

  6. No Instant Action, Squad Deploy, or Respawning

All times are GMT -5. The time now is 07:45 PM.

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