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Re: How PhysX runs on Nvidia and AMD (ATI) systems

FYI - there is a lot of misinformation in this thread.

Your benchmarks apply to GPU-accelerated PhysX, not the PhysX engine or PhysX processing. GPU-accelerated PhysX is an exceptionally rare feature that has been used by less than 20 PC games. Such games include Mirror's Edge, Mafia II, and Metro 2033. Planetside 2 will almost certainly not be using this type of PhysX.

With GPU-accelerated PhysX, it can only run effectively on the GPU. This can run on NVIDIA cards, but not on AMD or Intel cards. If you do not have an NVIDIA card and you enable this type of PhysX, then it attempts to run on the CPU, which is extraordinarily inefficient as your benchmarks show.

Again, this is not likely to be something that you need to worry about.

Based on SOE's description of what PhysX is being used it - it sounds like PhysX is being used as the physics engine, not for the accelerated GPU effects. The actual engine does not run on the GPU, so it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever whether or not you have an NVIDIA or an AMD card. Many games utilize this engine, such as Company of Heroes, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, etc.

While not confirmed, I'm almost entirely sure that this is the form of PhysX that PS2 would be utilizing. Your GPU brand will likely not provide any form of visual or performance advantage nor disadvantage. Both companies are great and are extremely even right now in terms of pricing, performance, value, drivers, market share, etc.

Unless GPU-accelerate PhysX is being used (very unlikely), then you will not need an NVIDIA card for the best performance or effects.
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